Welcome to My Site!

Hello and welcome to my new website. After playing over 1000 games in the NHL in some of North America’s best hockey towns like, Montreal, Tampa, Colorado and of course Toronto I can say that I am really excited about the next chapter in my career. Now that my playing days are over it allows me more time to spend with my family and the opportunity to meet some great people across the country at rinks, appearances, and events.

As some of you may know I am working with some great up and coming hockey players across the country. Mentoring players on what I learned from some of hockey’s best people over my career is something I truly take pride in doing. I am excited to also be working with Andrew and his team at Jackson Events on appearances and events. It’s great to share stories of my playing days with hockey fans, and at corporate events.

On a personal note my family still owns and runs the popular Corson’s restaurant in Barrie. Don’t be surprised if you see Shayne and me sitting in front of the big Screen discussing who we like during the hockey season. You can also follow me on Twitter or my website for special events I will be attending across the country as well as events at Corson’s throughout the year. Thanks again for visiting my site!